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PC - Truth Audio TA-1P Near-Field Studio Monitor Review

Manufacturer: Truth Audio
Product: Near Field Studio Monitor
Price: $999.00

I first heard the TA-1P monitors at the Los Angeles AES show. I was impressed with their sound at the conference even though the surrounding were rather cacophonous - - competing with all the other vendors presenting at the show. Needless to say, I looked forward to having a pair to work with in my own studio. Truth in advertising applies to these monitors.

Tech Specifications

  • Overall frequency response: 48Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohm nominal - - 3.2 minimum
  • 2 five inch mineral-filled, polycone woofers with 14.6 ounce magnets
  • 1 one inch tuned chamber, cloth dome, dynamic tweeter with wound voice coil immersed in magnetic fluid
  • Maximum power: 160 watts


The TA-1P are unpowered monitors with gold-plated connectors. Installation was as simple as hooking them up to my Alesis monitor amplifier and off I went.

Sound quality

The Truth Audio motto is "Hear the Truth, or Face the Consequences." Studio monitors should provide a flat, honest sonic representation of what has been recorded. The goal is not to make poor audio recordings sound good - - rather, allow the audio engineer to hear what is there and make adjustments as necessary. To this end, the TA-1Ps succeeded admirably.


I used the TA-1P set to record, monitor, and mix several songs I am working on. I compared them to my other fine set of monitors from Vergence Audio in some A/B tests. When I first listened to the TA-1Ps, I was instantly hit with details I had not heard before, particularly in the vocal and acoustic guitar ranges. Mind you, some of the details showed some errors I had made on my guitar but I was pleased to hear them before final mixdown. The TA-1Ps are strongest in the mid-range with very clear and precise imaging and defined discrete separation of different instruments in the recording. I was easily able to separately hear the acoustic guitar from my vocals, the bass guitar from the bass drum and the high-hat from the tambourine.

I used these monitors in conjuction with my other set during mixdown. I then compared them to mixes I had made solely with my other system on previous recordings. What I found was that the new mixes using the TA-1Ps sounded very good on both systems. Notably, because of the clarity of things I could hear, overall my mixes had better discrete instrumentation and imaging. These monitors work well. Though marketed as being non-fatiguing, I found that I had to mix down songs in discrete amounts before my ears got too tired. This is not because the monitors sounded overly harsh, but because they reveal a great deal of detail. More detail means more information to process, more things to hear, and requires very high levels of concentration.

Overall, the monitors were pleasing to listen to. The monitors do have a quite a flat frequency response with a dramatic drop in the low end around 40 to 50 Hz. There is a slightly drop in the higher frequencies around 7 to 8 kHz. Graph here.


The monitors have nothing protecting their tweeter or woofers. A screen of some sort might be appropriate. Secondly, the monitors have a bit of a rough finished look to them. Keeping in mind that they are designed for function first, there is still a bit of room for improvement of how they might appear. Otherwise, I love the logo placement, the design simplicity and the rugged feel of the monitors. They will stand up to sfudio use well.


Truth Audio speaks the truth through their TA-1Ps. They give to the audio engineer tremendous levels of detail, clear imaging and flat response. Using these monitors allowed me to create better mixes of my music projects. This is particularly true when used in conjunction with another set of monitors. The TA-1Ps provide and excellent A/B comparison source.