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This page offers you various tips on how to deal with digital recording issues. As this site grows and I have more time to write I will add to it. Eventually, I will keep archives of the older tips for reference.

Optimization: There is a helpful optimization page at Tascam's site. Click here.

Microphones: What is the difference between a dynamic microphone and a condenser microphone? For basic information please check out the Microphone page.

Compression: One of the most commonly used and overused effects is compression. The Compression page will explain the techniques and hazards of this tool.

16-bit or 24-bit? One of the biggest issues in the DAW world is whether it is worth it to record at higher bit and sample rates? The Resolution page will shed some light on this.

It is also very important to stay aware of the load on your CPU. If you load it up too much it will adversely affect your recording, resulting in pops, crackles and various and sundry distortions. Check out my harddrive page for data on the effect of various bit/sample rates on CPU load. Then add on to these the load of plug-in effects. It rapidly becomes clear that you must carefully plan out how you use tracks and effects.

Cables: The cables you use are very important. Find out why at Monster Cable, the premier cable maker.

Copyright: Want to copyright your material? Check out U.S. Copyright Home Page for information on how to protect your stuff!