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PCRECORDING.COM - - N-Track review, pg. 2

The user interface is simple and understandable. I found it to be very intuitive. See the screenshot I have included here to get an idea of the layout.

The layout is logical and pleasing to the eye. This may sound silly but I liked it because the buttons were big - - it reminded me of my analog days. I was not particularly fond of some of the color choices, finding them somewhat garish at times. However, this seems minor to me. Moreover, I was able to select a range of colors more suitable to my tastes.

Recording settings are done a couple of different ways. First, you can select the recording and playback VU meters which will give you the opportunity to select the bit rate resolution (16 or 24), mono, dual mono or stereo tracking settings. Just make sure that your bit rates match in recording and playback. The other is to do so in the preferences window and set your sampling rate (between 8000 and 96000 kKz) which depends on what your soundcard is capable of supporting.

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