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Graphic courtesy of Laurie McCanna,


Producer: Pete Generous - -
Product: Web-Based Studio Drums Service

Review of Generous Groove Drum Service

This is the third of my reviews on internet-based drum services. One of the things I appreciated most about this entire process is the access to professional drummer's talents and the resultant interpretations of the tracks I sent them. Pete Generous and his site are no exceptiuon.

Pete Generous is a long-time drummer who has toured with the likes of Roy Clarke, among others. His site is The site is easy to navigate and contains clear instructions on how to use his services. A client can click on a link which opens up an upload service Pete uses. Uploading scratch tracks is simple and the user gets a confirmation that the file(s) have been uploaded. In turn, Pete gets an email alerting him to the uploaded files.

After downloading the scratch tracks and recording some drums Pete will send an email to the client with a link to a demo .mp3 track for consideration. The client can then make suggestions or comments via email. In the alternative the client can talk to Pete on the telephone. I had several enjoyable conversations with Pete and found him to be very approachable, unassuming and humble. I know, a humble drummer? WhoWuddaThunk? Really, he was very keen to get the right sound I was looking for.

Pete records his tracks on a Akai DPS24 for recording and then transfers the files to a PC to use Nuendo and Wavelab for editing and mixing.

Sound Quality

After a review of the demo tracks sent by Pete and an exchange of comments/suggestions via email and telephone, he did final tracks in the .wav format. I received an email that they were ready and had no difficulty downloading them to my recording computer. I received r/l stereo tracks for the overheads and floor drums. And, I received mono tracks for the snare and bass drums. I found the tracks to be full-sounding and clean of external noise. The full audio spectrum was captured and there was adequate separation of the various drums. That is, there was minimal bleed-in of the overheads on the snare microphone and vice-versa. I would note though that while having stereo files certainly simplifies the download process, I prefer all the tracks be in mono format. I hold myself responsible for this because I did not request that format. For my use, using mono tracks simplifies the recording and mixing process.


Pete is a human metronome. He has one of the strongest, right-on-the-beat, and confidently struck snare drums I have ever heard. I swear he must use a baseball bat or something. Yet, he can alternately strike his drums strongly and then lightly incorporate rhythms with the high-hat and cymbals. His transitions and fills fit well between verses and refrains. Pete also plays other percussion instruments, like shakers, congas and the like. This adds a considerable breadth to the options available for the recording.

Perhaps the thing I appreciated most about Pete was that he truly listened and tried to incorporate what I wanted to hear from the drums. He was able to articulate what I wanted, particularly through his delicate touch on the high-hat and cymbals on One Life. I was looking for a real minimalist, light touch on the high-hat and cymbals in the introduction. Something like you might hear on a Jack Johnson recording. I sent him an example of what I was looking for. After a couple of patient iterations, he captured it and then he went on to add his own flair for the rest of the song.

All in all, Pete provided professional sounding, fun to listen to drum tracks. His service was very professional, timely and he made himself available to talk to throughout. He listened to what I wanted but was not afraid to make his own suggestions too.


Here are some links to the songs Pete recorded with me.

One Life and Moonlight.

Conclusion provides professional drum services that sound great and accurately interpret the sound you are looking for. Pete is a very talented drummer and a genuinely nice guy. I would gladly work with him again and someday I would really like to buy him a beer.