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PCRECORDING.COM - Cakewalk Pro Audio V.9 Features:

General Features
  • Platforms supported: Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT
  • Maximum simultaneous audio tracks: 128
  • Total MIDI and audio tracks: 256
  • Unlimited level of undo/redo
  • Undo History, which lets you restore previous versions of a file within the same editing session
  • Multiple dockable toolbars
  • Familiar tape recorder-like transport controls (Rewind, Stop, Play, Record)
  • Linked clips for improved pattern-based sequencing (edit one clip, and automatically update all other sibling clips)
  • Double-click clips to open any view
  • Split and combine clips
  • Real-time processing of editing commands
  • SMPTE/MTC support for syncing to film/video
  • MIDI Sync (smart FSK) support (master and slave)
  • MIDI Machine Control (MMC) support
  • Key Macros (assign various commands to keyboard or MIDI hotkeys)
  • Looping (recording and playback)
  • Display and manipulation of loop points and punch in/out points in views
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
  • Display time in measures, beats, and ticks, or in SMPTE time
  • Flexible methods to select events (select by filter, by time, select discontiguous events, etc.)
  • Create templates to use as foundation when starting new songs
  • Automate volume, panning, and other controllers during mixdown
  • Supports the following event types: Note, Key Aftertouch, Controller, Patch/Bank Change, Channel Aftertouch, Pitch Wheel, RPN, NRPN, Sysx Bank, Sysx Data, Text, Lyric, MCI Command, Wave Audio, Expression, Hairpin, Chord
  • Cakewalk Application Language (CAL) for custom editing commands and macros
  • Keep multiple files open simultaneously
  • Drag and drop events between simultaneously open files
  • Drag and drop project files, MIDI files and wave files from Windows Explorer, Windows Desktop, Virtual Jukebox and Musician's Toolbox III into Cakewalk
  • Insert Time/Measures
  • Insert Series of Controllers: insert a series of controller events based on a starting and ending value (create fade ins/outs, etc.)
  • Insert Series of Tempos: insert a series of tempo changes based on a starting and ending tempo (create accelerandos and ritardandos, etc.)
  • Flexible Drag & Drop and Paste options (blend new and existing material, replace old material with new material, move old material over to make room for new material)
  • Lasso Zoom
  • Zoom Faders
  • Create new clips from selected events (quickly separate musical phrases for easier editing, etc.)
  • Big Time view to display the songs current time in any font and size
  • Playlist of up to 128 songs (optional delay before playing each song)
  • Instrument Definitions to see and select patches, banks, controllers, and notes by name
  • Support for SoundFonts
  • Mute, Solo and Record/Arm buttons for each track
  • Context-sensitive online Help
  • Tempo Ratio buttons (customizable; temporarily change the tempo during playback/recording with the touch of a button)
  • Flexible navigation tools (jump to markers, next/previous markers, measures, specific times, beginning, end)
  • Extensive use of inspector pop-up menus to access commonly used commands
  • Unlimited number of user presets for most editing commands
  • Clone tracks
  • Temporarily transpose, time-shift, and scale velocities of individual MIDI tracks on-the-fly
  • Snap To and Move By Snap Resolution feature to move, cut, split and insert events at definable time intervals
  • Track Sorting (by criteria)
  • Manual Track Sorting (drag and drop)
  • Scrub both MIDI and audio data (audio scrubbing simulates the smooth rocking of an analog reel-to-reel tape)
  • Reset command to automatically shut off stuck notes
  • Tip of the Day at startup (optional)
  • Compatible with earlier version of Cakewalk software (load old WRK files, and save as Cakewalk 3.0 for Windows files)
  • Mute, Solo, and Arm buttons in Piano Roll and Audio views
  • Specify minimum clip duration
  • CPU and Disk meters

Editing Views

  • Track/Clips view for graphical editing of song structure
  • Audio view for graphical editing of audio events
  • Piano Roll view (multi-track) for graphical editing of MIDI note and controller events
  • Console view for mixing audio and MIDI tracks and adding effects (supports automation and remote control)
  • Staff view (music notation, percussion notation, and guitar tablature; can be printed)
  • Tempo view for graphical editing of tempo changes (with option to stretch audio data when changing tempos)
  • Tempo list
  • Event List view (can be printed)
  • Lyrics view (can be printed)
  • Markers view (can be printed)
  • Meter/Key view
  • System Exclusive (Sysx) view (8192 banks per file)
  • StudioWare view to control external MIDI gear

Integrated MIDI & Digital Audio Editing

  • Slide MIDI and audio events as well as markers by: measures, ticks, seconds, and frames
  • Quantize (with stretch audio and audition option)
  • Swing Quantize (with stretch audio and audition option)
  • Groove Quantize (with stretch audio and audition option)
  • Draw Tempo Changes to audio and MIDI in Tempo View
  • Length: change the start time and duration of all selected events by a certain percentage (now with stretch audio option)
  • Transpose: chromatically pitch shift audio & MIDI (with diatonic option for MIDI)
  • Fit to Time: make the current selection fit a specific duration (with stretch audio option)
  • Fit Improvisation: create a new tempo map based on the number of events in a specific track (with stretch audio option)
  • Interpolate: search for events that meet certain criteria, and change their properties
  • Retrograde: reverse the order
    of selected events
  • Scale Velocity: scale the velocities of selected events
  • Deglitch filter

Audio Features

  • 32-bit Audio Mix Engine
  • Real-time 32-bit, floating-point, stereo effects processing
  • 16-, 18-, 20-, 22- and 24-bit audio at variable sampling rates: 11.025, 22.05, 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
  • WavePipe(TM) technology for ultra-low latency when mixing and adjusting affects parameters in real-time
  • AudioX support for complete control of advanced audio hardware with AudioX driver
  • True interleaved stereo support
  • Vector-based mixing ("envelope" mixing for audio volume and pan)
  • "Anchor" points for audio events
  • Intelligent and automatic file management to conserve disk space (no need to name files; simply press record and let Cakewalk software take care of organizing the audio files)
  • Audio layered loop record and playback
  • Mixdown multitrack audio to stereo (bounce audio tracks in order to add more audio tracks than your system can normally handle)
  • Graphic EQ
  • Parametric EQ
  • Gain Change (3dB Louder, 3dB Quieter)
  • Normalize
  • Reverse
  • Pre-programmed & custom effects presets
  • Fade/Envelope
  • Cross-Fade With customized fade curves
  • Remove Silence
  • Extract audio timing
  • Time/Pitch stretch (w/Formant Preserving Option)
  • Create Tempo Maps from audio
  • Pitch Detection
  • Monophonic audio-to-MIDI conversion
  • Audition audio effects prior to processing
  • Launch third-party wave editors from the Tools menu for additional editing of selected audio events
  • Compact Audio Data for more efficient use of disk space and better performance
  • Clean Audio Disk (free up disk space by deleting audio data no longer in use by Cakewalk)
  • Export music and sound to RealMedia format for Internet streaming
  • Cut, split, and snap audio events to zero-crossing points for click-free editing
  • Import WAV files
  • Export audio to WAV, Windows Media Advanced Streaming Format, RealSystem G2, and MP3
  • Display audio waveform amplitude by percentage, dB, or sample
  • Bounce tracks with option to include/exclude controller automation, volume envelopes, pan envelopes, track insert effects, aux return effects, and master effects
  • 4-band parametric EQ hard-wired to all audio tracks (optional)
  • Chromatic tuner

Real-time Audio Effects Processing

  • Maximum simultaneous real-time audio effects: 256
  • Apply effects as track inserts, to aux busses, or as master inserts
  • Support for third-party DirectXTM audio plug-ins
  • Pre-programmed & custom effects presets
  • Pitch Shifter (off-line and real-time)
  • FX Audio Effects Pack (reverb & chorus)
  • CFX 2 Band EQ (32-bit, mono)
  • CFX Chorus (32-bit, mono)
  • CFX Delay/Echo (32-bit, mono)
  • CFX Flanger (32-bit, mono)
  • CFX Reverb (32-bit, mono)
  • FX Parametric EQ (32-bit, stereo)
  • FX Stereo Chorus (32-bit, stereo)
  • FX Stereo Delay (32-bit, stereo)
  • FX Stereo Flanger (32-bit, stereo)
  • FX Stereo Reverb (32-bit, stereo)
  • AmpSim Lite (amplifier simulation)
  • Audition effects before processing
Realtime MIDI Effects Processing
  • Maximum simultaneous real-time MIDI effects: 256
  • Apply effects as track inserts
  • Pre-programmed & custom effects presets
  • Arpeggiator
  • Quantize
  • Delay/Echo
  • MIDI Filter
  • Transpose
  • Velocity
  • Chord Analyzer
  • Session Drumer
  • Style Enhancer (performance modeling)

Record Modes

  • Step Record (optional pattern-based step record)
  • Sound on Sound (blend)
  • Overwrite (replace)
  • Loop Recording (stack takes in the same track, or store each take in a separate track)
  • Auto Punch Recording (replace)
  • Manually insert MIDI notes with the mouse, keyboard, or Virtual Piano

Console View

  • Console View for mixing, recording and editing audio and MIDI
  • Mute, Solo and Record buttons for each track
  • Audio input and output meters with adjustable scale, peak hold and clipping indicators
  • User-definable Auxiliary Sends for submixing audio tracks
  • Master Output for each audio device
  • Add audio effects as track inserts, to aux busses, or as master inserts
  • Add MIDI effects as track inserts
  • Access and edit effect parameters
  • Apply patched effects to edit audio offline
  • Apply patched effects to edit MIDI offline
  • Select MIDI and audio inputs and outputs for individual tracks
  • Select MIDI channel, bank and patch for individual MIDI tracks
  • Color-coded fader grouping (Absolute, Relative, and Custom groups)
  • Control volume and pan for individual tracks, aux sends, and master outputs
  • Module Manager to temporarily hide individual tracks, aux busses, and master sections
  • Apply Reverb and Chorus to MIDI tracks (if your MIDI instrument supports reverb and chorus)
  • Automate your mixes
  • Control faders and knobs remotely via MIDI (custom support for Peavey StudioMix)
  • Take "snapshots" of mixer settings
  • Un-named tracks are automatically numbered

Staff Notation

  • Display and print up to 24 staves per page
  • Print score complete with lyrics, chord symbols, guitar chord diagrams and other symbols
  • Percussion notation (5-line stave and single-line stave)
  • Lyrics
  • Chord symbols
  • Guitar tablature
  • Export guitar tablature to ASCII TAB
  • Guitar Fretboard pane
  • Guitar chord diagrams with preview
  • Extensive guitar chord library
  • Create custom guitar chord fingerings
  • Expression markings
  • Pedal symbols
  • Hairpins (crescendo and diminuendo)
  • Different clefs (treble, bass, treble/bass, alto, tenor, octave-treble, percussion)
  • Support for different key signature for each track
  • Beam rests (optional)
  • Enharmonic spellings
  • Use any font and size for text (lyrics, staff name, expression text, etc.)
  • Zoom in and out in the Staff view
  • Choose between 9 custom notation sizes when printing


  • Cut, copy, and paste text to and from the Lyrics view
  • Automatically hyphenate syllables (optional)
  • Current line is centered during playback
  • Current word is highlighted during playback
  • Lyrics entered in the Lyrics view are automatically displayed in the Staff view
  • Display lyrics in any font and size (in both the Staff view and Lyrics view)


  • Open AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime Video formats.
  • Video playback window display
  • Frame-accurate sync of video to your audio tracks
  • Audio/Video Scrubbing
  • Import and Export audio from and to videos
  • Export to AVI


  • Display, move, edit, add and remove markers in the Track/Clips view, Piano Roll view, Audio view, Staff view, Markers view, and Markers toolbar
  • Add markers on-the-fly (markers are automatically named and numbered by "takes")
  • Jump to any marker
  • Go to next/previous marker
  • Click between two markers to automatically select all events between the markers
  • Lock markers to SMPTE time
  • Print a list of all markers

System Exclusive

  • Playback of Sysx
  • Recording of Sysx
  • Editing of Sysx
  • Real-time record & playback of Sysx data as events in tracks
  • MIDI Sysx echo
  • 8192 Bank Sysx Librarian
  • Receive Sysx dumps automatically by transmitting custom Dump Request Macros

Display Options

  • Unlimited custom screen layouts
  • Assign screen layouts to hotkeys for instant recall
  • Assign custom colors to MIDI events, text, window background, markers, clips, etc.
  • Display audio by percentage, dB, or sample
  • Assign custom wallpaper to the main program window
  • Status bar (optional)
  • Tooltips (optional)


  • Basic StudioWareTM panels: General MIDI editor, Roland GS Editor, Creative Labs AWE Editor
  • Advanced StudioWareTM panels: Yamaha O3D, Yamaha ProMix 01, Yamaha SW1000, Roland VS-880, Roland JV-2080, Roland GR-30, Roland UA-100, Roland SC-88, Mackie OTTO 1604, MMC, Novation Bass Station, Novation Super Bass Station, Novation Drum Station, E-MU Orbit, Tascam RC-808, Line 6 POD, more
  • StudioWareTM view Design Mode to create your own custom StudioWareTM panels

Hardware Support

  • Instrument Definitions for over 200 popular MIDI instruments
  • Patch Browser (quickly find any patch in any bank)
  • Support for individual Windows-compatible sound cards 16-bit to 24-bit/11kHz to 96kHz)
  • Support for multi-channel sound cards
  • Simultaneous use of multiple-installed sound cards
  • Yamaha DSP Factory (DS 2416 audio card) support

Additional Content and Applications

  • On-screen Cakewalk TECHniques Tutorials
  • Over 30 demo files from Yes keyboardist Igor Khoroshev, LA film scoring team Shawn Clement & Sean Murray
  • Virtual Piano on screen MIDI instrument
  • Virtual Jukebox
  • Creative Labs SoundFont Manager
  • JAMMER Hit Session
  • Drag and Drop Drummer
  • VAMTECH Drumtrax drum files (used by Session Drummer MIDI plug-in)

The Musician’s Toolbox III (Deluxe version only)

  • Sonic Implants SoundFont banks and MIDI files
  • DNA groove files with audio files
  • Drumtrax library of MIDI drum files
  • Big Fish Audio stereo wave audio loops
  • Oddball Film + Video AVI clips
  • CINENET® AVI clips from QuickStock library
  • CanvasMan 32 CE
  • Cakewalk Audio Browser
  • 12 Advanced Cakewalk TECHniques Tutorials