PCRECORDING.COM - - Ad Rate Structure

PCRecording.com has a dedicated and knowledgeable base of visitors, many who are frequent revisitors. Consisting primarily of Digital Audio Workstation professional and enthusiasts, the visitors are actively engaged in learning about and purchasing DAW related products. PCRecording.com offers banner ads that are priced very competitively with other similar sites. Once an ad agreement is entered into, the ad can be posted very quickly. The general prices are posted below. Larger, package deals can be negotiated separately. For any questions please contact webmaster@pcrecording.com.

Based on placement and exclusivity/rotation:

$30 CPM, Home Page top, exclusive.
$20 CPM, Home Page bottom, rotate.
$25 CPM, Soundcard Page top, exclusive.
$20 CPM, Soundcard Page bottom, rotate.
$18 CPM, all other pages bottom rotate.

Other deals can be negotiated with special placement and frequency. Thank you!